UKNova Radio Community internet radio for (former) users of UKNova, channel #uknova

Or use this terrible web client. Sans tabs, sans commands, sans everrything.

Scheduled shows

The following programmes are regularly broadcast:

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New server details

UKNR is now running on new server software, Icecast. This gives us some extra features (such as the sustainer stream and more reliable HTML5 player) and should crash less than the old software (Shoutcast).

Icecast still supports Shoutcast DJ connections so in most cases you should be able to continue without changing your old settings (, port 8000).

The main exception is that the ‘Shoutcast 2’ protocol is no longer supported. If your DJ app settings are set to connect using Shoutcast 2, please change to ‘Shoutcast 1’ or ‘Icecast’.

If you use the Icecast protocol then the mount point you want is just ‘/’ and the username is ‘source’.

Some DJ apps try to scrape listener numbers out of server-specific statistics pages. If the app is looking for a Shoutcast page this will no longer work. If you care about seeing listener numbers in your app you may need to reconfigure it:

Further notes: